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If you have been injured through the negligence of another, you need the expertise of a personal injury attorney who has a track record of excellence and most importantly successful results with previous cases and injury settlements for his clients. Settlements for personal injury are usually large legal claims which cover a broad scope based on the client’s injuries.

Generally, injury claims occur when least expected.  No one expects to get in a serious wreck during their daily activities. This attorney understands the injured individuals’ needs and provides the results required to win the case and get proper compensation for the person’s injuries.

There are a variety of possible claims including animal bites, car or truck accidents, accidents on public transportation, boating accidents, slip and fall injuries as well as many other types of injuries. If you are the injured party, a personal injury attorney can assist you to pursue legal action so that you can be financially compensated for your losses.

Personal injury attorneys are highly trained to offer you the best possible representation. Tim Upton fully understands the dynamics of Louisiana injury law as well as the limitations that come with winning a case. While providing the best results, he will make sure that you understand the law for achieving a satisfactory settlement.

If you have been in an accident, this personal injury attorney will provide excellent representation. You may be entitled to compensation due to your injuries. If you live in Covington, Louisiana, you need to contact the Upton Law Firm.  He will provide options for you to pursue to receive the highest possible settlement.

Tim Upton is a fantastic personal injury attorney and has helped many people get the compensation they deserve for their injuries. You can give him a call at 985-624-7777 for a free consultation. Tim will sit down and go over all to the details of your case so there is no confusion. You will know exactly what to expect.

He can quickly assess your situation and recommend a plan of action to gain compensation for your injury.  To help make the process easy and affordable, he offers a free consultation. In this consultation, he will make sure that you don’t lose any of your rights under the law to protect you and your loved ones. If you have a case, he will spell out your options so that you can make an informed decision about moving forward. His track record of success ensures an experienced eye to get the best compensation possible. Give our expert lawyer at the Upton Law Firm a call at 985-624-7777 to protect your rights today! It doesn’t hurt to take a few minutes to go over your case. Mr. Upton has an unbelievable track record in getting settlements for his clients.  You can see his office on the map below.

Visit to schedule an appointment.

Trying to navigate through the complicated legal system without a lawyer is foolish.  Insurance companies will not represent your interests.  Tim Upton and his staff have handled hundreds of claims for victims of a personal injury and have recovered millions of dollars for his clients. He has the experience needed to get the maximum settlement or judgment to compensate his clients for damages. If you have been a victim of a motor vehicle accident and sustained an injury, you may be entitled to compensation for medical bills and loss of income.  Tim Upton can help recover these economic damages for your benefit.  Consideration is also given for damages if his client is experiencing physical pain resulting in emotional distress,  loss of consortium or physical disfigurement. Don’t delay, call today for more information to schedule a free consultation.

The Upton Law firm specializes in all types of personal injury cases including auto accident injuries, motorcycle crash, truck accident, on the job accident, motor vehicle accident, construction accident and other personal injury accidents. This attorney handles cases fast, aggressive and give his undivided personal attention to each and every case.

Tim Upton is the #1 personal injury attorney in Covington Louisiana. Mr. Upton has many years of experience in dealing with a wide variety of personal injury cases. He offers a 100% free consultation and will sit down with you and go over the facts of your case. He will let you know everything, and there will be no surprises. You can call him today at (985) 624-7777 for your free consultation. If you have been wrongly injured, then you need to hire an attorney that will be on your side and get you the best possible settlement. Don’t wait to contact an attorney there are time limits so act now. His office is located at:

The Upton Law Firm, LLC
304 East Boston Street
Covington LA 70433
(985) 624-7777




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